Eulogy: Lin Lang

Lin Lang, whom we also called Ring, was born in 1975. By nationality in China, she belongs to Manchu. She had spent most of her childhood years in Shanghai. In her life long journey, she had also spent some times in Jilin, Guizhou, and Ningbo. While she was a student in Ningbo, she met her husband-to-be at the time.

Below is a synopsis of Ling Lang's life:

She graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 1996 and began to work in Shanghai afterward.

In 1998, she married her childhood sweetheart, Yushi Chen. Hereafter, they decided to move to Ohio in United States, where they continued to work and study together. They were each other support system.

In 2001, they moved to Houston, Texas due to job relocation.

In the year of 2002 of December, their lovely daughter was born.

On January 2003, she and her husband moved to New Jersey and continuously worked together side by side.

On July, 10 2004, she had a serious concussion in her head where she was immediately admitted to ER room. She spend her last seven days and nights at hospital ICU and finally left her family and friends on July, 17 2004, at 8:28pm eastern standard time.

To dedicate her heart-warming spirit, friends have joined forces to create a website in remembrance of her. We will always remember her as:

Ring was her parents' adoring child.

Ring was her husband life long partner and best friend, for whom she had spend 10 happy years together.

Ring was an affectionate mother, who gave birth to Chris, her two years old daughter.

Ring was a kind-hearted angel who brings laughter around her family and friends.

Ring had an online screen name called, miumiubebe aka "scurrying-snail" because she's always on the run. That name will always be known to everyone, her family, friends and even the online strangers who were touched by ring's genteel words. She will always be missed. No one will ever forget her smile and her spirit. Her thoughtfulness and kindheartedness to her family and friends are indescribable by these few words. She had filled this world with her laughter and sincerity that have made a lasting impression in everyone's heart. No one can deny that beautiful imprint of her. "A snail is on the run again, running toward the heavenly sky. For those who are still on earth, we wish you can take a moment to watch over us in your kindhearted spirit!"

Life can never be measured up against time. It is measured by how well you have live through it.

You see, that scurrying-snail never cries.

You see, that scurrying-snail never grows old.

So long, beloved Ring.