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Normally, I never sign anybody's guesbook, but after visiting this website, I just feel I have to write down something from the bottom of my heart.
Life is so unfair. I can imagine how hard it is for you and her family. it is even harder since you have a kid.
Anyway, I just wish you can be strong and there is a really heaven for her.

August 3 2004 (62) e


Access this site by the link provided at friend's email. Really feel sad to see such a nice girl pass away. Sometimes the life appears just so un-reasonable. Will find some way to give the family a hand.

August 3 2004 (61) e

matt in 佛州

祝你在天国开心 平安

August 3 2004 (60) e


May the memories held deep within your heart,
help to soothe your spirit at this difficult time.

You are in my prayers.

August 3 2004 (59) e


bless u all.

August 3 2004 (58) e



August 3 2004 (57) e

walk by

I will be with you.
It's just a matter of time.

August 3 2004 (56) e

A common Christian



August 3 2004 (55) e

another visitor

To Jeff:虽然我们并不相识,但希望你能尽快从悲痛中解脱出来,重新快乐的生活。

August 3 2004 (54) e

a visitor

This world is not our eternal home. Sooner or later we all leave. We common people even don't understand the purpose of life, let alone the meaning of death. Believe in God. Never lose hope. HE has his timing. His timing is always the best. Miumiubebe is far happier in heaven with her spiritual father.

August 3 2004 (53) e

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